We aim to make 21 Shoregate a little more sustainable every year.

In the cottage:

Upstairs, the old secondary glazing has now been replaced with new low-emissivity secondary glazing. Downstairs, we are gradually refurbishing the windows with the Ventrolla system which is just as effective at keeping in the heat.

We have switched to a 100% renewable electricity plan and have just installed a new, super-efficient boiler.

All of these things will help to reduce our carbon footprint.

There is a ‘water hippo’ in the cistern to reduce water usage. We have also installed a new Grohe shower from Germany. It’s unique ‘ecojoy’ technology saves water while providing a luxurious showering experience.

In the kitchen, we provide Ecover dishwasher tabs, washing-up liquid and washing-powder. These have higher bio-degradability than most other cleaning products.  The kitchen tap has a water-saving gizmo attached.

Karen, our housekeeper, uses Method plant-based products to care for the furniture and the cherry-stained maple floorboards. These naturally nourish the wood, are non-toxic for people and pets, and come in 100% recycled bottles.

Most things in your welcome basket are Scottish, and some are from here in Fife, which helps us support the local economy and reduce food miles. We offer organic Scottish milk when possible (when not possible, Scottish milk). Instead of the standard orange juice, we offer East Neuk Orchards apple juice, grown right here in Fife by a small family company.

You can recycle your paper, card and bottles at the cottage. We provide a compost bin for your food scraps should you wish to recycle these.

In the garden:

Many of the plants in the garden have been chosen to attract bees and butterflies, such as clematis, fuchsia, oriental poppies, honeysuckle, thyme, sea holly, rosa rugosa, and agapanthus.

There is a herb bed at the side of the house with parsley, sage, thyme, French tarragon, fennel, winter savory, mint and lavender which guests are welcome to use. In the back garden, there is a large rosemary bush ready and waiting to flavour your roast lamb.

We do not use weedkiller. Not only the beds, but also the terrace at the bottom of the garden, as well as the gravel path down to the road are weeded by hand by John the gardener and Susan.

We welcome suggestions from our guests for further improvements to our sustainability.


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